Monday, May 14, 2012

VIDEO: John Cena on making the WWE experience special for Wish Kids

John Cena on making the WWE experience special for Wish Kids

WWE Superstar John Cena - WWE Universe has been granting wishes for Make-A-Wish America since 2004. Here he talks about making the wish experience special for these WWE SuperFans and why he puts wish granting first as he travels the globe.

Watch Video Below:

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  1. Hey there John Cena,
    I just want to say thank you for helping those little kids and adults and especially the teenagers big kids to let them have their own wish that you would come to one of their city areas to see him and how gladly the little kids and the adults and the big kids will be happy and also surprised to see you in real person and congratulation on becoming the wwe champion of the whole wwe universe and I just am always your biggest number one fan and you will always be my biggest favorite wwe superstar of all time good luck on your match again Mr. John Laurenitis ok hope you will win against him though John Cena and I love you too also bye!!" :-)!!

  2. Hey john,
    I'm lebanese and i'm 13 and i'm the type of person that sets smth in her mind and does it no matter how much it costs and i have quite big dreams and wishes and one of them is meeting u someday....<3 <3