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WWE Monday Night RAW results 5/21/2012

WWE Monday Night RAW Results
in RICHMOND, Va. -- John Cena and the WWE Universe wanted Big Show to explain his shocking actions, and boy did he ever. In a fiery tirade, The World's Largest Athlete showed no remorse for his attack on Cena at WWE Over the Limit, setting the stage for an emotional match that will take place at No Way Out. Also on Raw SuperShow, a lopsided contest set up by General Manager John Laurinaitis turned into a locker room-clearing brawl as Laurinaitis-chosen lumberjacks tangled with other WWE Superstars.

John Cena called out Big Show; match made for No Way Out

One look at John Cena's face and you could tell this is a dark day for the Cenation leader. Cena opened the show in a state of rage and frustration over his loss to Laurinaitis at WWE Over the Limit. Cena, although clearly embarrassed by the defeat, fired back at his doubters who wondered why Cena took his time humiliating the General Manager during their contest. Cena then called out Big Show, claiming he sold out by coming to Laurinaitis' aid and ruined the prime opportunity to get Laurinaitis terminated. 

Executive Administrator Eve interrupted the Cenation leader to introduce Laurinaitis, who sputtered out onto the stage aboard a "People Power" scooter (perhaps we'll see that sold on an infomercial soon?).
 The GM cited his potential serious injuries that he sustained during his match against Cena and reminded WWE Superstars that they risk immediate termination if they lay a finger on him moving forward. Laurinaitis then announced that Cena will face the rehired Big Show at the No Way Out pay-per-view on June 17!
The World's Largest Athlete refused to apologize for his actions at WWE Over the Limit and said he "did what he had to do" while the crowd chanted, "You're a sellout!" Big Show angrily shouted at Cena for judging him and threatened to knock him out at No Way Out. As Big Show stormed off, David Otunga came out and challenged Cena to a match and dedicated the one-on-one contest to Laurinaitis.

John Cena def. David Otunga; 2-on-3 Handicap Lumberjack Match set

With his boss watching on, David Otunga tried his best to impress against John Cena. But Laurinaitis' legal counsel quickly found himself overmatched and tapped out to the STF. Right after the bell rang, chaos erupted as numerous Superstars rushed to the ring and ganged up on Cena. As the Cenation leader struggled to fight back, Sheamus rushed out to back up Cena. As The Great White cleaned house, Laurinaitis announced that the main event would be Raw's first-ever 2-on-3 Handicap Lumberjack Match, with Cena and Sheamus joining forces to face three opponents of the GM's choosing.

John Cena & Sheamus vs. Tensai, Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger ended in a No Contest (2-on-3 Handicap Lumberjack Match)

From the early going, there was no doubt that John Cena and Sheamus had their work cut out for them. Isolating The Great White at a distance from his tag team partner, Tensai twisted and yanked on Sheamus' head like it was a stripped screw. After Sheamus was tossed to the outside, the Laurinaitis hand-picked lumberjacks let loose with a flurry of punches and kicks, further weakening The Celtic Warrior. Every time Sheamus appeared closer to mounting a rally, the trio of Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger & Tensai made sure to stop him right in his tracks. 

Remarkably, Sheamus found the momentum he needed to tag Cena by executing a rolling senton against Ziggler, and The Cenation Leader followed with a couple of turbocharged shoulder blocks. The comeback wouldn't last long, though, as the lumberjacks pulled Sheamus off the apron and promptly mauled The Great White before storming the ring to turn their attention to Cena. A huge brawl then broke out as the locker room emptied and a horde of Superstars rushed to the ring to exchange blows with the lumberjacks. Meanwhile, Big Show watched all the chaos unfold from the stage.

The melee raged on and Cena went to the backstage area in search of The World's Largest Athlete, but found himself face to face with Laurinaitis instead. The General Manager reiterated to Cena that he wasn't allowed to lay a finger on him or else the Cenation leader would be terminated. As Cena turned away from Laurinaitis, he was knocked out cold by Big Show's ferocious WMD for the second night in a row.


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  1. BigShow, Larinitiz and Eve were definitely out of line and abused their so-called "people power" and showed absolutely no remorse to Cena or Shemus. Cena won in his match vs Otunga and Cena wins his match vs BigShow at No Way Out! CENA WINS EASY! $#WeLoveCena ;) I KNOW I DO! ;)

    Join me and fellow Cenation and sign both petitions to fire @WWERawGM! and! We'll show $#WWEBoard how serious we are in getting @WWERawGM fired!! Firing @EveMarieTorres and @DavidOtunga and @WWETheBigShow are next! Then and only then will WWE return to its integrity and have REAL wrestling and skyrocketing ratings and overtake all television time raw and smackdown are on vs other shows!!

  2. John cena disappointed me for loosing to Johnny.

  3. Lauranitis and Eve are ruining WWE. :@

  4. Lauranaitis should be OUT. He is ruining WWE for all of us who are "or WERE" fans. Get rid of him for the continuation of Raw and SmackDown before all the fans are gone. "Johnny L" doesn't even respect the fans. He was out of bounds by calling us "assholes".


  6. John Laurinitis you a a BASTARD.

  7. Your last name should be laryngitis Mr. "I sound like I smoke six packs a day".

  8. I <3 you John Cena!

  9. i love you cena ! :)

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