Monday, June 11, 2012

After RAW Went Off Air: 6/11/2012


Vince McMahon was helped out after several minutes of being out cold.

Watch Video of it Below:

-John Laurinaitis announced himself, Big Show and David Otunga vs. John Cena. The finish saw Show accidentally KO Otunga and Cena pin him. Ace nailed him with a crutch but Cena made a comeback and nailed the AA to send the crowd home happy.

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  1. john cena is an aazing person and will defeat big show at no way out plus that will be for vince and what he had to go through monday night

  2. John cena is the best wrestler in time, he sticks to everything that he says and does the right thing. everytime that he steps into the ring everyones emotions the end of june 11 edition of raw big show the sell out had no right to try to choke or whatever to cena and then cena was just sticking up for vince. so at no way out cena will stick up for vince and all the other superstars that had to suffer and take it to big show rather it is beating show until he cant move and escape THE CAGE or beat the mess out of him and then 1.2.3. big show will lose and laurnatis will hear these exact words YOUR..... FIRED... (LETS GO CENA )I BELIEVE IN YOU AND LOVE AS A FAN. i hope you see this cena -CENA#1FAN-

  3. John Cena rocks! He's my favourite superstar. He will give his best effort at No Way Out. Mr. John Laurinitis & Mr. Michael Cole,both r the biggest jokes of the WWE.

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