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WWE Monday Night RAW Results: 6/25/2012

WWE Monday Night RAW Results: 6/25/2012

Only former WWE Champions to compete in WWE Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Following up on a tweet from earlier in the day that he would make an historical announcement, John Cena came to the ring to address the WWE Universe in person. After Cena recalled the fate of former GM John Laurinaitis using a slew of “Star of Wars” references.  Chris Jericho returned to Raw and interrupted the Cenation leader. As the two mixed words, Cena revealed his big news. “In order to stop Big Show, for the first time ever, I’m putting myself in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match,” he said.

But Jericho was not impressed with Cena’s declaration, and went on to tout his history in Money in the Bank Ladder Matches and the importance of such a potentially career-altering encounter. After Jericho revealed he, too, would compete at Money in the Bank, Vickie Guerrero emerged to put a twist on things. She revealed that the WWE Board of Directors declared the WWE Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match would include only former WWE Champions, which includes: Kane, Big Show, Jericho and Cena. 

Following the Money in the Bank news, the Interim GM announced Cena would face Jericho later on Raw for the first time in two years.

Watch Video Below:

John Cena def. Chris Jericho by Disqualification
In their first match in two years, Chris Jericho appeared to have John Cena right where he wanted when he had him locked in the Walls of Jericho. But before a winner could be declared, Big Show charged in and dropped his massive frame down on the Cenation leader, ending the bout in a disqualification. Next, with the match over and Jericho out of the ring,
The World’s Largest Athlete brutalized Cena with a chokeslam, followed up with a Colossal Clutch. Only after Cena turned blue in the face, did Show finally release him from his grasp and drop him in a lifeless heap in the ring.
source: wwe.com

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