Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WWE Monday Night RAW Results: 7/16/2012

WWE Monday Night RAW Results: 7/16/2012 in Las Vegas
CM Punk def. Big Show by disqualification; John Cena to cash in on Raw 1,000

After pushing themselves to the limit in their respective matches one night earlier at Money in the Bank, Big Show and WWE Champion CM Punk fought tooth-and-nail in the night’s main event. As the battle waged on, it looked like The Straight Edge Superstar had Show right where he wanted when Punk launched himself onto Show with a flying elbow from the top rope. But Show came back with a wicked chokeslam that almost resulted in a three count. Next, with the referee knocked out of commission by Show, the bout ended in a disqualification and Show continued to batter the champion. But before he could inflict more damage, Mr. Money in the Bank John Cena charged in with his briefcase.

After citing Punk's 239-day reign as champion, Cena announced he would be cashing in his championship contract next week. “At Raw 1,000, with both of us fresh, we will find out who the best in the world really is,” Cena said.

Not done yet, Mr. Money in the Bank followed up on his Tout to the WWE Universe from earlier in the day. As he uttered the words “My huge announcement? …” Cena swiftly bashed Show with his metal Money in the Bank briefcase, sending him crashing to the arena floor.

source: wwe.com

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  1. John Cena is the best, he is the only one who wont take advantage of another wrestler when he down. He will wait and win the WWE Championship for sure when the other guy has had time to recuperate.

  2. Yes!John cena is the best forever.Every moment of him is more gentle and genuine.I feel so proud for being fan of john cena.The Real Hero.

  3. this is why we are following the leader of the cenation!

  4. john cena is the face of the wwe and cm punk clams that he is the best in the world well... cm punk should just stick to his name cm.'PUNK'. yes i favor punk as a favorite wrestler but he will not be taking that wwe title home with him unless it a fake plastic one because cena will win 'THE CHAMP IS HERE' -CENA#1FAN-

  5. He would be a bad role model if he were to win the title that way.