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WWE'S MARVEL-OUS SUPERSTARS; Captain America & John Cena


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Sports-entertainers have long been compared to comic book heroes and villains, and with just cause. The four-color worlds in which those larger-than-life archetypes reside certainly have their overlapping elements. Bombastic battles, colorful clothing and alliterative alter egos abound in their analogous arenas. The “good guys” and “bad guys” of the comic book universes battle it out inside the panels in a fashion similar to how scores are settled inside the WWE ring. has taken an inner-office argument and turned it into a blockbuster summer list event, comparing WWE’s Superstars and Divas to their Marvel Comics counterparts. So suit up and check out the list, then be sure to sound off in the comments and on Facebook about which Superstars and Divas you’d pair up with their mighty Marvel counterparts!

And of course, in the immortal words of Stan "The Man" Lee, "Excelsior!"

Captain America & John Cena

Since he first appeared in 1941, clocking Hitler across the jaw, Captain America – the first Avenger – has stood for equality all over the world. More than that, Marvel’s resident super soldier has become a symbol of hope, both in comic books and the real world. Though displaced in time, Cap (as he is known is to his friends and fans) represents the good in all of us, a red, white and blue-clad example of what we should all aspire to be no matter your nationality.

John Cena isn’t a super-soldier like Steve Rogers, nor does he wield a mighty shield, but he, like the star-spangled Avenger, stands up for what he believes in and always fights for the greater good. There’s also no threat too great that could keep the Cenation leader from standing up to a challenge inside the ring or fulfilling wishes for young fans all over the world.

The WWE Universe often refers to the former WWE Champion as “SuperCena” for his seemingly superhuman strength and uncanny ability to emerge victorious even when all of the chips are stacked against him. Yet, the truth about “SuperCena” doesn’t necessarily lie in what he does inside the squared circle; it’s more about what he represents. Cena’s creeds of “hustle, loyalty and respect” and “rise above hate” are synonymous with Captain America’s never-ending battle for those less fortunate and oppressed through the evils of hatred.

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