Tuesday, September 18, 2012

WWE: John Cena undergoes arm surgery

WWE: John Cena undergoes arm surgery

9/18/12, 5:15 p.m. Update

WWE.com has learned John Cena had surgery to remove bone chips in his right elbow today. Dr. Andrews removed several pieces of bone cartilage from Cena's elbow through a scope.

“He had begun to lose motion in his arm, and it had been locking up,” Andrews said. “I performed an orthoscopic procedure on his elbow and took out a bunch of spurs. Everything went really well.” Andrews described the procedure as “straight-forward” despite Cena’s “big, old arm.”

“Cena’s rehab will start on Monday with trying to improve his range of motion and getting the swelling down,” Andrews explained.

Cena is expected to recover in two to three weeks. An update on his recovery time is expected Thursday when he is reevaluated. As more information comes available, WWE.com will inform the WWE Universe.

LATEST UPDATE: 9/18/12, 5:45 p.m.

John Cena addressed the Cenation following surgery Tuesday afternoon. Cena tweeted:

Leaving the #AndrewsInstitute what a super surgeon #DrJamesAndrews is. U guys have my word, i will do whatever i can to be active ASAP ...

Because of who I have become, i DAILY deal with large doses of negativity. No biggie, always #riseabovehate but seeing all your messages ...

Really means alot to me and I just want to say thanks ...

Oh.. And @CMPunk u TIED a guy with a blown up ankle, and a shattered arm ... what say when i get healthy ...

We show the @wwe who #thechamp really is? And why would u even try and borrow @therock stuff, stick with #hitman n #macho #dontangerdwayne

source: wwe.com

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  1. God be with you John Cena. Hope your recoverey is speedy.Get back to the ring soon and get your Belt back. Take care, see you soon in the ring. # One Fan, Charlie.

  2. i am waiting for u my hero...hope u get a speedy recovery

  3. Take care my friend, i want you be always in the ring,...... so get well soon ....... Please...... While you moving on to the ring with great salute to people i really get excitement and rise a hero like you in my soul ...... So get well soon and come Back soon ....