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WWE Monday Night RAW Results: 10/22/2012

WWE Monday Night RAW Results: 10/22/2012

John Cena addressed the WWE Universe

It's safe to say that the WWE Universe was surprised to say the least when John Cena stepped aside to allow Ryback to sign the No. 1 contender's contract last week on Raw. And this week, in the shadow of MetLife Stadium, the Cenation leader stepped into the ring not to expound upon his decision, but to give the WWE Universe a preview, in his own words, of what they can expect at Hell in a Cell.

And what, exactly, did the historic main event of Hell in a Cell hold in store? To put it simply: "change."

"Change is 6-foot 3," Cena said. "Change is 291 pounds, and when 'change' sets foot into this ring, all he can hear over and over again is 'FEED ME MORE!' "

Before Cena could continue, though, the riff of "Cult of Personality" rumbled through the loudspeakers and the WWE Champion strutted out, 337 days atop the mountain under his belt and looking thoroughly bemused at what he called Cena's "new role" of being "Ryback's personal cheerleader."

And regarding change? "I've been WWE Champion for 337 days and counting, which means you haven't been champion for a lot longer than that," Punk said. "And that is change you can count on."

"Everybody knows when CM Punk makes a promise, he keeps it, and I promise I will walk out of Hell in a Cell still the WWE Champion."

Cena, however, had heard enough. Riled up by Punk's insults, Cena turned the subject of conversation to another recent hot topic: his injured elbow. He would not be interfering in Punk's scheduled title match at Hell in a Cell, but as for tonight, "Regarding yours truly, I am 100 percent medically cleared," the Cenation leader said, flexing his elbow for emphasis and inviting Punk into the ring for an impromptu rumble down the Turnpike.

And for a minute, it looked like Punk would acquiesce to Cena's request. But eventually, the warning shrieks of Paul Heyman won out and the champion strode back to the locker room, a smile on his face and title held high.

AJ Lee revealed the Superstar she was allegedly fraternizing with to be John Cena

John Cena wasted no time in finding former Raw GM AJ Lee in the locker room area, offering his support following her unceremonious resignation and asking her why she didn't fight the accusations leveled against her by Vickie Guerrero. As it turns out, the answer was the last thing Cena (or anybody else in the WWE Universe) would expect: The Superstar in question was none other than Cena himself. The allegations arose after the two shared a "business dinner," and AJ decided not to fight the accusations to avoid dragging Cena's name through the mud.

A gobsmacked Cena assured AJ he'd do what he could to help, but a conversation with Mr. McMahon bore no fruit: "If it wasn't this, it'd be something else," The Chairman said. As for Vickie? Mr. McMahon remained undecided, and it appeared that what would be would be.

In a last attempt to right the situation, Cena went to Vickie and tried to undo the damage, but he was met with similar resistance. "Perception is reality: You asked AJ on a date on Raw, and ended up taking her to dinner." Therefore, according to The Queen Diva, the reality of the situation was this: Cena cost AJ her job.


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  1. no he didnt. if was vicki who cast aj her job. if was just a freaking bossiness dinner. i cant they get that thow there heads.