Monday, October 8, 2012

WWE Monday Night RAW Results: 10/8/2012

WWE Monday Night RAW RESULTS:10/8/2012 in SACRAMENTO, Calif. 
John Cena addressed the WWE Universe

True to his word, John Cena was in the house for Monday Night Raw in Sacramento, Calif., making his first Monday night appearance in two weeks sans sling (but sporting some intricate-looking recovery strips on his injured arm) to address the WWE Universe. And, seemingly re-invigorated by his return to Raw, the Cenation leader gave a rousing speech that was ebullient even for him, including an alternate name for Team Hell No and (to the delight of the California crowd) a proposition to Raw General Manager AJ Lee: a date at In-N-Out Burger. But when it came to the matter of CM Punk, Cena was all business and the trademark smile faded away as he repeated his solemn vow to the WWE Universe: One arm, two arms, injured or not, the Cenation leader would make his way to Hell in a Cell to challenge for the WWE Title. As a final appeal to The Second City Saint, Cena bellowed, "don't be a punk: agree to face me and define your legacy at Hell in a Cell!"

All that would have been enough for the WWE Universe, but the assembled crowd got an extra treat when Ryback made his presence known, thundering down to the ring for his match, though not before sharing a moment of mutual respect with the Cenation leader.

WWE Champion CM Punk fought Mr. McMahon until Ryback interrupted; The Chairman gave Punk an ultimatum for Hell in a Cell

As it turned out, CM Punk vs. Mr. McMahon wasn't much of a match, as the bell never rang to signal the beginning of the contest. That said, it was one undeniably epic fight.

The brutality began early, when Punk attacked The Chairman from behind before he could even take to the ring. The Second City Saint showed no mercy in the man he once considered his chief tormentor, battering The Boss about the ring before Mr. McMahon began to show signs of life. The Chairman gave as good as he got, pummeling Punk on the outside and even catching some air as he leaped over the announce table to pounce on The Second City Saint while he lied prone amid the announce chairs. Mr. McMahon's acquisition of a kendo stick from beneath the ring sent Punk scurrying. But when The Chairman laid hands on Punk's beloved WWE Title (decking Heyman to get it in the process) and dared him to come and get it, The Voice of the Voiceless was left with no choice but to retaliate.

And retaliate he did. Once Punk got his hands on a kendo stick of his own, he went mano-a-mano with The Chairman, and an expert possum play led to a low blow that left Mr. McMahon sprawled across the ring. After dishing another battering with the two kendo sticks, Punk finally hauled The Chairman up for the Go to Sleep, and it seemed there were very few words from anyone that could have stopped the onslaught at that point.

And then, right on cue, two of them erupted through the loudspeakers:


For the third time, Ryback made a beeline for the WWE Champion and, with an assist from John Cena, this time "Big Hungry" hit paydirt, cutting The Second City Saint down with a clothesline before lifting Punk into the air for Shell Shocked ... until Punk squirmed off Ryback's grip and, in a strange repeat from his infamous exit at Money in the Bank, exited through the crowd. 

McMahon, down but not out, got to his feet, grabbed the mic and presented Punk with an ultimatum: At Hell in a Cell, he would either face John Cena or Ryback. And if the champion hadn't made up his mind in seven days ... well, The Chairman would make it for him.


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