Thursday, November 1, 2012

WWE: Are John Cena and AJ busted?: Vickie exposes private meeting

WWE: Are John Cena and AJ busted?: Vickie exposes private meeting

John Cena … and AJ Lee? The notion hit like a tabloid cover story: seemingly spurious, certainly dubious, still also very intriguing — like something so outlandish that we want to believe it’s true.

But hold it right there. Before you affix a scarlet letter to tees of John Cena and AJ Lee, consider the source of rumors indicating their supposed “inappropriate relationship.”

On Raw, Managing Supervisor–turned sleuth Vickie Guerrero presented some arguably open-ended evidence. Guerrero referred to footage from previous Monday nights of a burger date made in jest and, of course, *the hug* from last week but her strongest contention came once she disclosed a photo of Cena and AJ seated at table in a low-lit restaurant. The follow-up was the best, however, as Vickie revealed footage from a hotel as the former WWE Champion warmly welcomed the spunky Diva into an elevator heading up to the guest suites.

As the newly empowered Guerrero uncovered on Raw, a nighttime business meeting bears the appearance of something that’s a bit more than what Cena and the former Raw General Manager wish to admit.

According to Cena, the scenes manipulated by Vickie were that of a business meeting and a harmless walk to AJ’s hotel room door — nothing more. Understandable was the Cenation leader’s perceivable discomfort and aggravation with the topic while confronted in the middle of the ring, live on Raw. But AJ’s continued strange behavior and backstage response haven’t helped matters. Now rehired as a competing WWE Diva, AJ appears to be struggling more with something she’s holding in.

Is there merit in Vickie’s allegations after all? Or has the manipulative Managing Supervisor with a history of underhandedness concocted the perfect scheme to ruin the lives of two WWE fan favorites?

Whatever you think or do, just don’t say “John Cena” and “AJ” in the same statement — or Tout or tweet — in front of the 12-time World Champion. Dolph Ziggler, be warned.


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