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Vickie Guerrero presented audio evidence of the "AJ scandal"

They say the truth will set you free, so who was left liberated when Vickie Guerrero finally convinced AJ Lee to give her side of the "AJ scandal"?

Well, that's a complicated question to answer. You see, while Vickie (and Dolph Ziggler, who remained in the ring for moral support) seemed to be scraping the bottom of the barrel in their supposed evidence against AJ and the Cenation leader. What transpired on Monday seemed to turn the tide, stunningly enough, back in their favor.

For one, Vickie finally got AJ to tell her side of the story, and from the get-go, the former Raw General Manager seemed uncommonly on-edge when addressing the scandal. "I admit it!" AJ barked after Vickie's needling reached its breaking point, although her follow-up managed to leave Vickie somewhat at a loss for words. "John Cena and I ... are just friends."

With Vickie reeling, AJ attempted to get to the bottom of the Managing Supervisor's slanderous efforts: lingering embarrassment over Mr. McMahon's appointment of AJ as Raw GM at Raw 1,000, compounded by AJ's previous humiliation of Vickie and, of course, the ever-present threat of yet another beatdown at AJ's hands. 

But while a picture is supposedly worth a thousand words, what Vickie had in store for the former Raw GM seemed to unnerve her more than any security footage ever could: audio evidence.

"What happened last night was a mistake," boomed a supposed voicemail from AJ after Vickie cued it up over the TitanTron loudspeakers. "I want to stop ... but ... when I see you ... I lose control," purred another, leaving AJ genuinely baffled over the origins of the messages. The voice was, indeed, hers, but the messages, she swore, were doctored. She immediately called into question how Vickie got her hands on them. 

Never one to pass up the opportunity to insult someone, Ziggler interjected himself here. "What's more embarrassing?" The Showoff sneered. "The fact that John won't talk to you anymore, or all those nights in his hotel room?"

Cue the trumpets and the M.O.P. sample, because this latest insult brought out Cena, who stomped down to AJ's rescue, but found his services somewhat unwarranted: Vickie stopped the Cenation leader from decking Ziggler ... and proceeded to do the honors herself, flooring Mr. Money in the Bank with a slap to the face before finally allowing Cena to eject the shamed Showoff from the ring.

John Cena def. WWE Champion CM Punk

Nearly two months after their last meeting, CM Punk's epic conflict with John Cena resumed in the confines of Nationwide Arena, with Mick Foley patrolling the outside as the Special Guest Enforcer. And despite Punk's hesitance to mix it up with Cena, the 10-time WWE Champion notched a strong victory over the incumbent titleholder when Foley prevented The Second City Saint from abandoning the contest.

Forced to fight his way out of the predicament, however, Punk responded with gusto despite his efforts to vacate the bout. The Voice of the Voiceless' technical expertise nearly swung the contest after Punk locked Cena in a vise-like sleeper hold, but Cena managed to power out and create separation by slamming Punk into the turnbuckle. Punk briefly abandoned mat wrestling for brute force when he exchanged a barrage of kicks and punches against the Cenation leader. But blunt force is where Cena lives, and the 10-time WWE Champion countered strongly with his signature shoulderblocks.

Punk was not about to take Cena's moves lying down, though, and sprang a surprise counter to leave Cena prone for the flying elbow. Cena dodged the airborne strike and landed a Five-Knuckle Shuffle, but Punk again countered, writhing out of the Attitude Adjustment and stunning Cena with a kick to the face before locking him up in the Koji Clutch. Cena broke the hold by reaching the ropes. The maneuver appeared to have taken its toll on him, but as always, Cena would not be counted out so fast. He countered Punk's springboard clothesline into the STF and, after Foley foiled Paul Heyman's attempt to break the hold, locked Punk in the maneuver again until the champion made his way to the ropes.

Having had enough, Punk attempted again to leave, but was met by Ryback halfway up the ramp and scrambled reluctantly back to the ring. Cena, however, was lying in wait and pounded Punk with the Attitude Adjustment to pin the champion. Cena's jubilation was ultimately short-lived as he found himself face to face again with Ryback. Each man grabbed hold of Punk's precious title, laying claim to The Second City Saint's prize while Punk himself withered in dread, the elusive yearlong mark never closer and yet, somehow, never quite so far away.

source: wwe.com

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