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WWE Monday Night RAW Results: 11/5/2012

WWE Monday Night RAW Results: 11/5/2012 
in BIRMINGHAM, England

Vickie Guerrero presented further evidence of John Cena and AJ’s inappropriate relationship

“I am proud of myself,” began Vickie Guerrero’s began with an auspicious attempt to further slander the reputations of both John Cena and AJ Lee. The Managing Supervisor of Raw had no squabbles about taking her smear campaign against the Cenation leader and the former Raw GM across the Atlantic, attempting to convince the WWE Universe that the two engaged in an inappropriate relationship while Raw was under Miss Lee’s stewardship.

But before Vickie could elaborate on the twosome’s supposed transgressions, Cena himself marched out to the ring to present his case. Cena’s insults towards the Raw Managing Supervisor were cut short, however, by Vickie’s latest bit of evidence: footage of AJ apparently walking into Cena’s room wearing a bathrobe in a “state of undress” while (from a completely different camera angle) a shirtless Cena mounted a “do not disturb” sign on the hotel room door.

Cena denounced the footage with a smile on his face, but Vickie would not be denied, calling out AJ herself to give her side of the story.

Instead, however, AJ appeared on the TitanTron, shaking with rage and denying Vickie the satisfaction of coming to the ring. If AJ relented and crossed the ropes, she claimed, Vickie would receive the beating of a lifetime and AJ would be fired as a result. “And then I wouldn’t get to do what I love to do,” AJ seethed., and tThe words weren’t out of her mouth before Dolph Ziggler slidled up next to the former Raw GM and wrapped his arms around her, saying, and sneered “and And we all know what you love to do.”

The insult was too much for Cena to bear, and the Cenation leader sprinted from the ring in search of The Showoff while Vickie cackled in the ring.


John Cena & Ryback def. WWE Champion CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler

We’re not saying CM Punk has the gift of prophecy, but it’s fair to say his and Dolph Ziggler’s tag team contest against John Cena and Ryback was about as rough as they both expected it was going to be. Still, Punk wasn’t about to let such a match go by without getting his two cents in. The Voice of the Voiceless grabbed a microphone before the opening bell, lauding the length of his reign (351 days and counting) and promising to leave Survivor Series as the reigning WWE Champion, confirmed as The Best in the World.

The time for talk ended rather abruptly, though, when Cena and Ryback hit the ring for their first-ever (and potentially last-ever) teaming.

Cena and Punk started things off, resuming their long-running rivalry with a dead-even sequence of mat wrestling before Punk tagged in Ziggler, whose technical acumen wasn’t enough to keep the Cenation leader at bay. But after a brief return by Punk to soften Cena up, Ziggler found his groove. Mr. Money in the Bank re-entered the match with gusto, unleashing a seemingly endless sequence of elbow drops on Cena’s prone torso. The attack opened the door for Punk to tag back in and pummel Cena with a set of kicks and knees that brought The Second City Saint within a hair’s breadth of triumph. Cena quickly turned the tables with a last-ditch Attitude Adjustment on Punk, but a quick tag to Ziggler prevented the Cenation leader from summoning Ryback. The momentum, however tentatively, stayed in the corner of Punk & The Showoff.

Punk kept the attack going, trapping Cena in a triangle hold and alternating with Ziggler in an attempt to isolate the 10-time WWE Champion from his monstrous partner. Still, they don’t call Ziggler The Showoff for nothing, as his failed attempt at an overly flashy dropkick forced him to tag in Punk just as Cena reached Ryback and brought the beast into the match.

The Second City Saint did not last long after Ryback entered the fray, as the beast pulverized both Punk and Ziggler before pinning The WWE Champion with Shell Shocked. Once Punk writhed out of the ring, though, the WWE Universe was treated to a strange, ominous scene. As Cena entered the ring, ostensibly to celebrate, Ryback locked eyes with the Cenation leader and began to bellow “FEED ME MORE!!!” with the WWE Universe chanting in unison.

The message, it seemed, was clear: There’s room on Ryback’s menu for more than just CM Punk.

source: wwe.com

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