Monday, July 15, 2013

WWE Monday Night RAW results 7/15/2013

WWE Monday Night RAW results 7/15/2013 in BROOKLYN, N.Y.

Brad Maddox addressed the WWE Universe
An appearance by WWE Champion John Cena led Maddox to declare that The Champ would be allowed to pick his own challenger for SummerSlam. Of course, the sudden appearance of Money in the Bank contract holder Randy Orton threatened to derail that proclamation before it even took hold, but it was an intrusion by Fandango that drove The Viper to the breaking point. 'Bows were thrown and a fight broke out, but thanks to a quick ruling by the Maddox – check out the big brain on Brad – the dancing fiend was made to face The Apex Predator himself in the first bout of the night.

John Cena selected his SummerSlam opponent
With his fate in his own hands, John Cena came to the ring in the closing moments of Raw to fulfill Brad Maddox’s history-making edict. But even with a smorgasbord of championship-caliber Superstars staring him in the face, Cena turned, instead, to the WWE Universe to help him make his choice. Not only did they responded with gusto, but they tipped their hand early as to who they wanted him to pick.

Showering The Champ with “YES! YES! YES!” chants, the WWE Universe guided Cena through a series of potential opponents (alas, Cena vs. Slater at SummerSlam will have to wait) and helped him land on a competitor who he – and the WWE Universe – seemingly felt deserved the match the most: Daniel Bryan. And in case his three-letter response was ever in doubt, WWE Unvierse, well … he said "yes" "YES!!!"  

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