Tuesday, August 13, 2013

WWE Monday Night RAW Results 8/12/2013

WWE Champion John Cena and Daniel Bryan appeared on "Miz TV" 

WWE Monday Night RAW Results 8/12/2013 live Sacramento, CA

The Miz has always promised to push buttons, and he fulfilled his pledge so well during the latest “Miz TV” that it seemed, for a moment, as though guests John Cena and Daniel Bryan wouldn’t make it to their SummerSlam match at all.

Things began civil enough in the wake of Triple H’s blockbuster announcement as the guest referee, but tension began to escalate when The Awesome One brought up Bryan’s heated words for Cena, and stirred the pot even further by insinuating Bryan was doomed to lose. Bryan countered by seizing the microphone and delivering his most explosive comments to Cena yet by decrying The Champ as a parody of himself as opposed to a wrestler like Bryan.

Cooler heads initially prevailed, until Bryan offered to slap Cena in the face as decreed by Japanese wrestling custom (it’s a motivational tool) … then retracted said offer, because he didn’t believe Cena deserved it. The Champ, of course, followed up by striking Bryan, but the “Yes!”man wouldn’t take the bait. The presence of Triple H and Randy Orton only amped the tension, and this Sunday, the WWE Universe will see who comes out standing tallest.
Source: wwe.com

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