Monday, July 19, 2010


MONDAY NIGHT RAW: Tulsa Oklahoma
July 19, 2010

JOHN CENA did a Promo back stage. He went on saying the NEXUS are attacking everyone because they think they could! Cena said, "I want to confront Wade Barrett and the rest of the Nexus in the ring tonight." He also said, "If you can't beat them then..." this is when Cena walks away!

At the end of Raw show, when Wade Barrett match went over with Mark Henry. The rest of the Nexus came out and went into the ring. Barrett said, "Come out Cena, you wanted to confront us" One of the Nexus got on the Mic and said we will hear you Cena come out and confront us, but they said to Cena they have to RUN THIS SHOW! They went on saying John Cena come out and say sorry for attacking us.

Cena comes out heads to the ring he tells the Nexus "thanks for coming out here" He goes on saying i lost 2 championships since yall came to the WWE RAW. Cena wanted to have a Truths with them! (CROWDS CHEERS 4 CENA) Nexus says NO! Wade Barrett says to "John We want you to be part of the NEXUS Join us!" (CROWDS BOOS) at the statement.
"You are NEXUS or against us, you with us Cena?" Barrett says! Cena *pauses* thinks about it and says, "No, i can't do it." (CROWD SCREAMS)

Nexus tells John Cena you have two choices:
1.) You leave the ring with your tail between your legs and show how much of a Coward you are!
2.) You can stand in the ring and we will give you the worse beating the Nexus gave.

Cena walks out the ring to the front. Cena turns around and says, "I will take each of yall down." If i have help or do it alone. That yall don't know i quietly form a TEAM to take NEXUS DOWN at SummerSlam! I want you to meet my team so Nexus is history.

CENA TEAM: Edge, John Morrison, R-Truth, The Great Khali, Chris Jericho and Bret the hitman Hart!

The whole Cena Team charge towards the ring chasing the Nexus out the ring, they went running into the crowd! Then Raw went off Air!

Thats the RAW RESULTS! Thanks for reading our blog!

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