Sunday, July 18, 2010

PPV Money In The Bank with CENA

Cena VS Sheamus: Steel Cage Match at PPV Money in the bank!
July 18, 2010

JOHN CENA comes out first all Serious and focus while Sheamus came out smiling! They chain up the Steel Cage so NO ONE CAN INTERFERE in the match! Then the match starts, Sheamus tried to put Cena face against the Steel cage but Cena moved away quickly!

Sheamus gives Cena a high Elbow to the face! Sheamus almost got the cover but Cena kicks out! Then Sheamus puts Cena in a cover again but Cena kicks out in 2! Sheamus tries claiming out the steel cage Cena see it and he Stops him, pulls him down.

Superplexus by Cena, Sheamus is out! Then Sheamus gets back up and puts Cena in a Sleep hold. Cena fights his way out of it but cant! He stands up on 2 feet with Sheamus on his back. Cena starts claiming the Steel cage with over 200 pounds Sheamus on his back, Sheamus Realized it and jumps off and pulls Cena down with him!

John Cena got Sheamus down in the ring he stops and yell "YOU CANT SEE ME" and does a 5 nuggles shuffles on Sheamus, Cena head to the Top Rope.. does another 5 nuggles shuffle but failed to do it. Sheamus moved out the way. Cena look like he hurt his wrist, he shaking it making sure its okay because he landed on it!

Then all of a sudden Sheamus takes control of the match, locks Cena's Arms in between the Ropes. While Cena is trapped in the ropes he tries to get out he watches Sheamus Claim over him, Sheamus uses Cena body as a Ladder and claims up! Cena thinks quickly and some how releases his arms and goes after Sheamus. Cena gets on the ropes to knock him down, He exceeded.

While they both get back in the middle of the ring Sheamus gives Cena a Bro Kick and Cena powers out! Cena does attitude adjustent on Sheamus but Sheamus kicks out.

Then it appears Nexus came out! They had bold cutters to cutt the chains off the steel cage. The Referee was brave enough to take them bold cutters off the Nexus. Then they try to get the Keys off the other Referee, the referee throws the keys into the crowds NO ONE GETTING IN THIS STEEL CAGE!

Back in the ring Cena pushes Sheamus into the Referee where it knocks the Referee. Cena goes after Sheamus. He puts Sheamus in a STF, he got him lock in, Sheamus Taps out but the referrer is out cold!

So Cena runs up the Steel cages trying to get out. Sheamus does the same thing! but the Nexus block Cena path from getting down. Nexus start beating up Cena at the top of the cage. Then all you know it Sheamus is out of the ring. He WINS the Match!

but that wasn't it for Cena he was not done. He goes after the Nexus with anger! He takes out the 2 of the Nexus Memebers He yells " I TOLD YOU I WILL TAKE ONE BY ONE OF YALL DOWN!" John Cena is Furious with the Nexus He could of Won that match! Lets see what is in store for the Nexus with Cena now!

That is the RESULTS of the PaperView of MONEY IN THE BANK
Cena VS Sheamus in a Steel Cage! Thanks for taking the time out and reading the BLOG!

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