Wednesday, August 4, 2010


John Cena will be signing autographs at Pentucket Regional High School in West Newbury Mass, on aug 14th from 11 to 1pm, all proceeds benefit the kenny fowler foundation. Autographs are $15.00. He will NOT sign personal stuff, you have to buy the autographs.

Then after that theres a Car show he will be at. That will take place at 1pm-6pm and its on 22 Man Street, West Newbuty Ma 01985. Cena says on his twitter come out and see him and some Sweet Rides! Like it says on the Flyer for it. "Click on the picture to View it bigger"

Its all in one day just before the big say of SummerSlam! Looks like John Cena will be busy all day! GoodLuck CeNation!

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  1. I will see him there and when he comes in and leaves Boston that day for Summerslam and they always allow personal items signed they always say that but they allow whatever you have to be signed ive gone the last time he did the car show with his dad and brothers and the show he did in 2007 for and indy fed in boston for charity and even Vince showed up for that Indy show

    David Strycharz

  2. Thats cool David! I hope you get to meet him again!

  3. I am a veri big fan John Cena

  4. john cena este idolul meu si as vrea sa se intorca in raw va rog mult a scri cel mai mare fan a lui John Cena