Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Edge quit Team WWE; Chris Jericho challenged John Cena

An inconsolable Edge confronted John Cena in the locker room area after The Nexus cornered him during his loss to Wade Barrett. During the war of words, The Ultimate Opportunist quit Team WWE, complaining to Cena that his teammates did not involve themselves in his match. This, after he had previously insisted that his teammates not involve themselves. Yeah, you read that correctly.

Still reeling from Edge’s abrupt departure, Cena was then confronted by Chris Jericho. The self-important Superstar demanded that the two face each other later in the night, with the loser leaving Team WWE. Despite his protestations, Cena reluctantly agreed.

John Cena def. Chris Jericho
Apparently, Chris Jericho wasn’t really all that interested in leading Team WWE after all. Why else would he tap out the second John Cena locked him into an STF during their Loser Leaves SummerSlam Team Match? For the self-important Superstar, being free from Cena appeared more important than winning. To his credit, Cena offered to forget the entire episode in an effort to rebuild Team WWE. Selfish as ever, though, Jericho rejected the olive branch and abandoned his teammates.

John Cena & Breat Hart to face Chris Jericho & Edge
In the wake of the further implosion of Team WWE, Raw’s anonymous GM arranged a tag team match for the following Monday, pitting John Cena & WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart against their former SummerSlam teammates Chris Jericho & Edge, who appear to have reconnected over their mutual disdain for Cena, The Nexus and the WWE Universe. Oh, and if the tension wasn’t high enough, all seven members of The Nexus will encircle the ring to act as lumberjacks!

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