Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Night Raw Aug 8, 2010


Before the match begin John Cena was backstage talking to The Great Khali.
Khali challenged Wade Barrett to a match. Before the bout could take place the Members of NEXUS took down the Great Khail backstage. WWE doctors have determined that The Great Khali suffered patella and ligament damage and is unlikely to compete at SummerSlam.

John Cena Bret Hart vs. Edge & Chris Jericho
And the NEXUS as LUMBER JACKS! (really should be called LumberJerks)

The Nexus was already out but they didnt surrounded the ring. They was only staying on one side and take a guess which side... Yup where John Cena was at!

The match ended in a No Contest. The Nexus couldn't help them selfs. They climb into the ring where John Cena. Bret Hart in the middle of the ring. Then John Morrison and R-Truth came running out for help! Nexus goes in the middle of the ring. While this happen Chris Jericho and Edge were walking up the ramp. They look at them deciding on what to do! They look at eachother and they went running into the RING to join Cena and the TEAM WWE!

Thats when TEAM WWE and The Nexus went head to head Fighting. The crowd went nutts. Nexus runs out of the ring. TEAM WWE stands strong in the ring!

So does this mean Chris Jericho and Edge our back on Team WWE? Looks that way right. But Team WWE is still down 1 member. We will find out this SUNDAY what will happen betweet TEAM WWE & Nexus at SUMMERSLAM!

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