Sunday, August 8, 2010

TCA's 2010 COVERAGE Of Cena!

John Cena on Red Carpet:

I will have more of John Cena pictures at the Teen Choice Awards that Air Tomorrow on FOX 7/8pm!

Just stay tune i will keep updating it until i get more pictures but for now heres 1 picture of Cena and David Archuleta!


  1. Love your pictures John...thanks for sharing them with us. David Archuleta is such a great young man! I hope you enjoyed your evening.

  2. Wow! lucky you to be that close to David Archuleta! What a classy guy!

  3. john cena wwe you cant see me =)

    by ripdamine bajaj come to arteisa please my brother really wants to meet you hesonly 6 ut hes a really big fan.

  4. hes only 6 sorrry