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in SAN ANTONIO 5/16/2011

The Miz chosen to arrange the night’s main event
You’ve got to hand it to The Miz’s toady, Alex Riley – the guy is nothing if not loyal. One week after having being trapped in the STF compliments of WWE Champion John Cena, Riley was back, interrupting The Champ and heaping praise on his boss.

The WWE Champion and Miz, his adversary in an “I Quit” Match at WWE Over the Limit, stood toe-to-toe. As tensions mounted, Raw’s anonymous General Manager chimed in to announce, via Michael Cole, that, since The Champ got to choose the stipulation for their WWE Over the Limit match, The Cleveland Screamer would get to decide Cena’s opponent in the night’s main event match as well as the match stipulation. Miz grinned and deferred the decisions for later in the evening.

WWE Champion John Cena def. Jack Swagger
When it comes to “I Quit” Matches, WWE Champion JohnCena has a vocabulary consisting of just one word: “No.” The Miz realizes that fact and continues to try to figure a way to beat The Champ at WWE Over the Limit in just such a bout.

Earlier in the evening, Miz was allowed to choose both a match stipulation and an opponent for Cena in the night’s main event match and leveraged that to his advantage. The Cleveland Screamer chose a No Holds Barred Match and Jack Swagger as Cena’s opponent. The former World Heavyweight Championgot dirty right away, ambushing The Champ from behind. The All-American American would eventually pay for the ambush, though, when Cena snapped on an STF.

Despite Cena winning the bout, Miz was still swift to talk trash. He and hislackey, Alex Riley, attacked Cena, but The Champ pushed through the pain and chased the two from the ring, vowing that he will never utter the words “I quit.”


Over The Limit: JOHN CENA VS THE MIZ "I QUIT" Match

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