Monday, May 16, 2011

VIDEO; John Cena talks in WWE Top 10 Trash Talkers of All Time

WWE Countdown: Top 10 Trash Talkers of All Time

Watch John Cena "Talk" about the Top 10. He is in this video!

Watch Below:

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  1. dear.john cena i repect you because you rock and you won that match from the miz the miz sad i quit because you did the stf on him and you bodyslamm alex rily.from jaquan anderson

  2. dear.john cena the cenation is on fire because the cenation win everything and get everything and i no that team cenation is going to put team bring it in the housepillow. from jaquan anderson

  3. dear.john cena i saw you and rey won the match and cm punck and r truth both suck on eggs and i beat cm punck is crying so is r truth ooh and i respect you and rey and bret man hart. from jaquan anderson

  4. dear.john cena i am 14 years old and allways love the wwe because it's in my blood and i allways like bret man hart because i allways like up to him he's my favorite wrestler. from jaquan anderson