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in EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA – Even in a country that boasts an all-time low temperature of -81 farenheit, the WWEChampionship situation managed to heat up even further with false accusations, serious threats and even an alleged car accident. Buckle up, WWE Universe, this ride just took a wild turn.

WWE COO Triple H announced CM Punk vs. John Cena main event match
As the controversy surrounding the WWE Title continues to loom over Monday Night Raw like a dark, ominous cloud, Triple H decided to exert his control, raining on the parades of both CM Punk and John Cena. The WWE COO interrupted the pair, who had been squabbling over which would get to invoke their rematch clause first and challenge current WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio.

As The Game reminded them, it’s not they who decide when their rematch clauses get invoked – it’s Triple H himself. The COO then announced that former WWE Champions Punk and Cena must face off in the night’s main event, with the winner earning a title match against The Mexican Aristocrat at Night of Champions in four weeks.

John Cena Def. CM Punk

An already tangled web of deceit surrounding the WWE Championship has grown into a snarled jungle of falsehoods, half-truths and backstabbing. As John Cena and CM Punk clashed for the opportunity to face WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio at Night of Champions, The Mexican Aristocrat and Mr. John Laurinitais added to the intrigue by sitting at ringside to observe the match.

Once the bell sounded, Punk and Cena continued their animosity unabated, both colliding with and countering each other. And then another curious thread was woven into the already contentious tapestry. Kevin Nash emerged inside the arena, distracting The Second City Savior and allowing The Cenation Commander-in-Chief the victory.

Interesting. Especially since Mr. John Laurinitais had informed Triple H that Nash, his longtime friend, had been in a car accident while driving to the airport prompting The Game to leave the show in Laurinitais’ hands.

The tumultuous turn of events prompted more questions than answers. For instance, did Mr. John Laurinitais really receive a phone call informing him Nash had been in a car accident, or did he just want to get Triple H out of the arena? And is the current WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio, mixed up in the deceptions?

source: wwe.com

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