Sunday, August 21, 2011

John Cena and Del Rio got Pranked on RAW 8/15/11 with a White Mouse

Someone tried to Prank John Cena and Del Rio on RAW 8/15/11
with a White Mouse!

Watch Video:

There's a new challenger for the WWE belt ... a ferocious .... teensy-weensy mouse!

It all went down last night at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego on Monday Night RAW -- John Cena stormed the ring to attack WWE champion Alberto Del Rio... and the two were photo-bombed by a tiny mouse.Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

The arena that hosted WWE RAW last night wants to make it perfectly clear ... they do NOT have a rodent infestation -- they were just the innocent victim of a mouse prank.

Ernie Hahn -- GM of Valley View Casino Center -- tells TMZ, the mouse that made a cameo during a bout between Alberto Del Rio and John Cena on last night's show was a white "feeder" mouse bought from a store ... NOT your average wild gray/brown variety.

source: TMZ

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