Wednesday, January 11, 2012

John Cena’s Value To WWE

John Cena's Value To WWE:

ESPN’s financial expert Michele Steele tweeted on Tuesday that John Cena was worth $106 million in retail value to WWE in 2011.

No further details were given to explain Cena’s direct impact on WWE’s business, but the figure likely includes John Cena merchandise and an estimate of Cena’s impact on PPV buyrates, live event ticket sales and ad revenue from WWE programming featuring Cena.

With that kind of money rolling in due to , its understandable how WWE would be hesitant turning him heel and disrupting a formula that is working very well.

source: sescoops

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  1. That's mega $$$$!I wonder how you put a $$$$ value on someone who keeps consistent income in the business, keeps the business in business and with his unique background and experience I know John is the reason why business is booming! That's my kind of man! I'm very proud of him and privileged to be on his team ;)

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  4. without john cena, wwe is nothing.................. he is a highly valuable superstar........ u rock cenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D

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