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2/20/2012 in MINNEAPOLIS, Minn
Eve admitted to using Zack Ryder and said she’d do the same to John Cena
At the start of Raw SuperShow, Eve stunned the entire WWE Universe by calling Zack Ryder an idiot and admitting to The Bella Twins that she used him. And in another shocking confession, Eve said she plans to use John Cena just like she did Ryder by getting the jump on apologizing to him first. But, just as she was about to enact her plan, Cena appeared directly behind he

A tearful Eve begged for John Cena’s forgiveness
After saying her words were taken out of context, Eve tried her best to explain her actions to John Cena. But as she kept backpedaling, Cena pummeled her with his stinging words.
Calling her disingenuous and more harsh names, Cena said she and The Rock are perfect for each other. As the WWE Universe got behind Cena’s taunting, Eve fell to her knees and cried.
Then as she did her best to plant another kiss on Cena, he avoided her clutches, threw one more insult at her and rushed out of the ring, leaving her in tears.

John Cena vowed to beat The Rock at WrestleMania
With Rock coming to Raw SuperShow next week, John Cena had harsh words for The Rock, saying he’s no longer The People’s Champion, but he’s a champion with people, referring to the entourage around him. After strongly criticizing Rock for returning, but not sticking around WWE, Cena vowed to beat The Rock in his hometown of Miami on April 1.

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  1. well done champ i knew it that what happened at last 9t was not your fault eve sucks