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WWE Pay-Per-View Elimination Chamber 2012 Results

WWE Pay-Per-View Elimination Chamber Results
John Cena Def. Kane in the ambulance match!

MILWAUKEE – Kane walked into Milwaukee's Bradley Center under his own power, but he left in an ambulance. After spending months rejecting The Big Red Monster’s campaign of hate – an ominous overture that ensnared John Cena allies Zack Ryder and Eve – the leader of the Cenation tapped into his dark side and brutalized The Devil’s Favorite Demon, besting him in a barbaric Ambulance Match Main Event.

Chairs, ring steps, a table and a wheelchair were all weaponized during the wild fray, which traversed through the arena. In the end, it was a devastating Attitude Adjustment off the top of the ambulance onto a platform many feet below that immobilized Kane long enough for Cena to capture the victory.
Pinfalls and submissions, as well as count-outs and disqualifications, were all out the window Sunday night – the first time in nearly a decade that the WWE Universe bore witness to an Ambulance Match. According to the hellacious affair’s stipulations, the only way to attain victory is by incapacitating the opponent long enough to throw him into the back of an awaiting ambulance and shut the door.

Despite Cena’s vows to “rise above,” Kane’s quest to get Cena to embrace the hate proved effective – albeit to The Big Red Monster’s misfortune – as the Cenation leader unleashed a rarely seen mean streak in defeating the hatemonger.

The bout began at a furious pace, with the two heavyweights immediately taking to the floor and slamming one another into ring barriers. After using his gloved hand to smother Cena, Kane retrieved a wheelchair from beneath the ring and tried to bring Cena’s limp body back to the ambulance. However, the Cenation leader regained his senses midway down the aisle and mustered a comeback.

The two Superstars fought their way through the WWE Universe before returning to ringside, where Cena appeared to find delight in punishing Kane with the steel ring steps. As he attempted to give Kane an Attitude Adjustment off the ring steps through the announce table, The Big Red Monster countered, and thunderously chokeslammed Cena through the table instead.

With Cena seemingly down for the count, Kane placed the righteous Cenation leader onto a gurney and loaded him into the ambulance. Before Kane could shut the door, though, Cena courageously fought his way out of the ambulance and took the fight to the top of the vehicle, where he finally finished off The Big Red Monster with the biggest Attitude Adjustment of all time.

The victory caps off an emotional week for the Cenation leader. After saving Eve from Kane on the Feb. 13, edition of Raw SuperShow, Cena locked lips with Eve, breaking the heart of the wheelchair-bound Ryder and prompting outrage from much of the WWE Universe. With Kane seemingly behind him, Cena now sets his sights on The Rock, his WrestleMania XXVIII opponent.

With the Cenation leader having finally made good on his promise to overcome Kane, what’s next for The Big Red Monster? After a lengthy disappearance from WWE last year, Kane “resurrected” in December to unearth his campaign of hate. Each time he’s been dealt a significant setback in his WWE career, Kane has managed to re-emerge stronger than before. Is it possible that Cena’s victory will only serve to further enrage the prophet of hate, and if so, what does that mean for other WWE Superstars in the coming months?


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