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WWE Monday Night RAW Results: 7/22/2013

WWE Monday Night RAW Results: 7/22/2013 in Austin, TX

Daniel Bryan and WWE Champion John Cena signed their SummerSlam contract

No punches were thrown and no furniture was overturned, but even the most civil contract signing in recent WWE memory didn’t unfold without its fair share of controversy. Daniel Bryan seemingly had no ill will towards WWE Champion John Cena when they came out to put pen to paper. However, Raw GM Brad Maddox, who stood ceremony over the whole thing, wasn’t about to let the submission master walk away cleanly.

With minimal regard to his own bodily safety, Maddox first gave voice to the concerns of “some” that Bryan was an insufficient challenge for Cena at the summer classic before Bryan himself arrived to put those worries to rest. Yet, even a glowing endorsement from Cena himself didn't stop Maddox from organizing a particularly grueling gauntlet for the former World Heavyweight Champion: A back-to-back-to-back series of matches that would either show the WWE Universe what Bryan was made of … or expose him for the weak link that "some" apparently believed him to be

-Daniel Bryan def. Jack Swagger
-Daniel Bryan def. Antonio Cesaro

Daniel Bryan def. Ryback via Disqualification
The gauntlet was run, but Daniel Bryan wasn left among splinters after facing Ryback in the final of three bouts orchestrated by Raw GM Brad Maddox. The “Human Wrecking Ball” already declared he preys on the weak, and even though Bryan fought back valiantly by countering a Thesz press into a half-Boston Crab on Ryback’s injured leg, the big man continued his onslaught by simply out-muscling the submission master with power moves that landed with atomic force. Ultimately, much like their last confrontation, Ryback went for the statement over the pinfall when Bryan proved too stubborn to lose, powerbombing Bryan through a table he had erected at ringside.

With Bryan’s bouts ended, John Cena was free and clear to come to his challenger’s aid; The Champ chased Ryback from the ring and challenged him to a Tables Match the next week on Raw. Ryback happily accepted, but it’s unsure if Bryan will be so eager for his opponent next week, as mandated by Maddox and Mr. McMahon: Kane..

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