Monday, July 29, 2013

WWE Monday Night RAW results Monday 7/29/13

WWE Monday Night RAW Results: 7/29/2013 in Laredo, TX

John Cena Vs Ryback in a Table match

It might be a stretch to call the WWE Champion “lucky” when he notches a Tables Match victory over a man he’s already beaten twice, yet the last-ditch effort that carried John Cena to victory over a surging Ryback in the main event of Raw was certainly more the product of a sudden burst rather than a slow burn.

Far from the “Cryback” that his detractors have labeled him as, the “Human Wrecking Ball” was ruthless from the beginning, manhandling Cena for the majority of the contest. Ryback remained keenly aware of his surroundings, setting up tables and destroying them himself when it looked like The Champ was about to turn the tide. Despite the Cenation commander’s resistance, Ryback looked to have him in hand after a Meathook Clothesline left Cena vulnerable against a table, yet The Champ avoided being plowed through the pine, striking with an Attitude Adjustment that put Ryback through the wood and brought the bout to its end.

The victorious Cena soon got another visitor in the form of Daniel Bryan, who mugged with the WWE Title for a few moments before returning it to its keeper. Friendly jockeying between rivals, or a subtle promise of things to come? Only a few weeks left before the WWE Universe gets its answer.


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  1. i am a big fan of JOHN CENA from my childhood it is
    my pleasure to visit this web site U Cant C Me at sumer slam john cena wins the match because he never gives up for ref we can watch the I Quit match b/w john cena and Miz and i hope the Yes lock of daniel bryan cannot make win him the match

  2. Am always inspired whenever I look at one #JohnCena pix that states #NeverGiveUp.....Not only preached by you but also perfected.....Go!Go!! #TeamCena

  3. Hi john u r my superstar at raw. Remember the days when u worn that chain. I went to c wwe on wednesday night at grand west south africa on 31July. Was asome pitty u were not here but Randy and Sheamus dis some justes but not realy because the champ was not here. Maybe next time CHAMP.