Monday, August 16, 2010


AUGUST 16, 2010 in Los Angeles CA

Nexus starts off the show. Cena comes out and interrupts Wade Barrett. Cena said something to Wade about him not being tougher then Snooki from jersey shore! Cena went on saying because Well you TAPPED OUT LAST NIGHT! You Lost it for the Nexus. You probably regretting that you kick Daniel Bryan out of the Nexus dont you? Because He took out most of Nexus last night. Then John Cena went on making fun of each Nexus member! He tells Darren Young that he is the weakest leak of the Nexus. The matches of the night will be Nexus Members VS Members of Team WWE if Nexus member loses they will be kick out of the Nexus!

John Cena VS Darren Young:

Darren Young is already in the ring waiting for John Cena to come out. Cena comes out the crowd gets pumped. Cena gets to the ring shows Young the back of his T-shirt. Then he takes it off and throws it in the crowd.

The Match begins. They battle it out. Young almost had Cena but Cena kick out. Young did it 4 times but Cena kept kicking out. Darren Young did a high elbow to Cena face. Cena powers out again. Young threw John Cena out the ring he also throws Cena into the steel steps, Cena is knock out cold. Young takes control he runs back into the ring while the referee starts the 10 count out.

Cena beats it he runs into the ring and unloads on Young. Cena hype, he knocks out Young. Then he does "YOU CANT SEE ME" Then 5 knuckle shuffles. Young trys to get up but Cena grabs his leg and puts him in a STF. Darren Young tap out.


Then the Nexus comes out surrounds the ring Everyone thought they were going after Cena but they left Cena go and they destroys Darren Young because he lost to Cena. Justin Gabriel does a 450 splash on Young.

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    john cena isssss aewsome!!!!