Sunday, August 15, 2010

SummerSlam 2010 Results

at SummerSlam 2010
John Cena, Bret Hart, Edge, Chris Jericho, R-truth, John Morrison .....

The Miz came out and announce that he will join TeamWWE because TeamWWE Needs him! They can't beat Nexus without him! So he accepted to be in TeamWWE. He went on saying John Cena was begging him he was on his knees to join. (he over did it) but Now TeamWWE has 7 Members.

The Match starts off by NEXUS coming out to the ring first. Then John Cena comes out, the first member of TeamWWE. (oh he got new gear on its Purple & Yellow)
Then Edge, R-Truth, Chris Jericho, John Morrison, Bret the hitman Heart and then The Miz. Then.... John Cena told Miz hold on your to late join the team. the TEAMWWE found a New 7th Member to join them. and its NOT YOU MIZ! Cena said 7th Member is Daniel Bryan.
(he was in the Nexus)

Then TeamWWE runs into the Ring fights the Nexus. The match hasn't started yet. TeamWWE clear the ring. Daniel Bryan starts it off. So far in the beginning TeamWWE is kicking Nexus butt. Nexus had to regroup outside the ring. Skip got slap by Morrison, Skip eliminated Morrion and R-truth. Jericho did a Drop kick on top rope to Wade. Bret Hart got eliminated for being into a steel chair and hit Skip with it. Chris Jericho makes David tap out and Slayer eliminated Jericho. Then Edge and Cena start fighting over whos going to be in the match Cena let Edge go. Then Slayer eliminated Edge!

Edge and Jericho attack Cena outside the ring. Daniel Bryan was trying to get Cena up. Cena in the ring with Wade. Wade hammering away at Cena. Nexus is picking apart John Cena. Justin kicks Cena in the head. Every time John Cena gets something going he cannot get it going but hes not giving up! Daniel Bryan wants in this match.
John Cena and Slayer do a double close line. Daniel Bryan gets tag in he is fired up.
Bryan made Slayer tap out.

The Miz came out and knock out Daniel Bryan with his suitcase. So Cena is the only one Left on TeamWWE 2 on 1. John Cena gets pumps up and does "YOU CANT SEE ME" on Justin, then does a 5 knuckles snuffle. Then Wade kick Cena in the head. Cena falls out the ring. Justin removes the mats on the floor so Wade can slam Cena head into the ground. Justin does 450 splash then John Cena moves out the way taps out Justin Now its Wade and Cena. John Cena puts Wade in STF. Wade Barrett tapped out.

John Cena wins it for TeamWWE.

Story/Results from Author Kizzle Brown

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