Saturday, October 30, 2010

Power 25: Oct 30, 2010

John Cena moves up 2 spots in this week power rankings after winning the WWE Tag Team Championships at Bragging Rights and later losing them to fellow Nexus member Health Slater and Justin Gabriel on Raw the night after by orders of Wade Barrett. John Cena also wrestle Randy Orton in a spectacular main event later that night which he won by DQ by interference by Wade Barrett. John night turn from good to worst when he found out he will be the referee for the WWE championship match at Survivor Series with Randy Orton facing Wade Barrett. By orders of Wade Barrett John Cena must help him win the WWE title or "be fired" How will John react to his fate at Survivor Series? Found out on Raw.

The "Legendary star proved he could still go when he won the WWE Tag Team Championships at WWE Bragging Rights, but Wade Barrett made it clear that he is still in charge of Cena's fate.

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