Thursday, October 28, 2010

Preview: WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett (with special guest referee John Cena)

At Survivor Series, Nexus leader Wade Barrett will once again clash with WWE Champion Randy Orton for sports-entertainment’s top prize in a match officiated by none other than John Cena. As stipulated by Raw’s anonymous General Manager, there will be no count-outs and no disqualifications in this high-stakes encounter.

Barrett earned the right to choose the special guest referee in this WWE Title rematch on Monday Night Raw, when his intervention in a bout between Cena and Orton led to The Viper’s disqualification. Ultimately, Barrett chose Cena to don the black-and-white stripes, decreeing that if Cena raises Barrett’s hand in victory at Survivor Series, the nine-time World Champion will be freed from The Nexus.

However, if the Nexus leader doesn’t win, then Cena will be fired. As much as Barrett’s motives run contrary to Cena’s basic virtues of hustle, loyalty and respect, being partial to Barrett in this bout will guarantee the Legendary star his freedom. Defiance will result in Cena saying farewell to the WWE Universe once and for all.

Should Cena award Barrett the WWE Title at Survivor Series, this will be the second time he has helped The Nexus capture championship gold. At WWE Bragging Rights, Cena shockingly teamed up with David Otunga to win the WWE Tag Team Titles, championships that were later turned over to fellow arm-banded rebels Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater. This victory has only fueled Barrett’s thirst for the WWE Title and the power that comes with it.

Even though the odds are clearly stacked against Orton, The Viper – a six-time WWE Champion – has established himself as one of the most dominant and dangerous competitors in WWE history. As the critically injured Chris Jericho and any number of Superstars can attest, one does not tempt the animalistic aggression of WWE’s Apex Predator.

With liberation from The Nexus on the line, will Cena help Barrett win his first WWE Title? Or will a three-count for Orton signal the end of Cena’s WWE career? Find out by tuning in to Survivor Series, Nov. 21, only on pay-per-view.



  1. i don't like this situation at all by having john's career on the line.
    they are just using john and yet he is getting screwed over week after week.

  2. Yes i feel you 2 i hope they Change it soon!

  3. i think that either way john is going to be screwed over b/c they do it all the time. I think that the "GM" should do something.