Sunday, October 24, 2010

WWE Bragging Rights PPV Results

(10.24.10) Results

John Cena match is .......
Cena David VS Rhodes Mcintyre

David Otunga starts its off with Rhodes Cena tags in. Does a Superplex on Rhodes.
Rhodes try taking the Cover of Cena but Cena kicks out. drew mcintyre makes Cena Face plants for into the ring. Rhodes tried to do a crossroads on Cena but Cena put him in a STF and Cody Rhodes Taps out! Cena and Daivd win the Tag Team Championships!
Otunga gets an Attitude Adjustment for his troubles as Cena celebrates with both titles and walks out of the ring!


John Cena doesnt have Match but he will be in Wade Barrett Corner while he fights Randy Orton!

Randy Orton VS Wade Barrett
John Cena just looks on... Wade gets out of the Ring and starts screaming at Cena what is he thinking!

Wade waits for Cena to help him. Wade orders Cena to get up on the ring to Help He throws Orton into him Cena flies off the ring onto the floor. Nexus comes out and Helps Orton is helpless Cena gets in the ring Helps Randy Orton fight off the Nexus. Wade yells at Cena what are you doing Cena Explains he was helping Wade to get the Nexus out the ring while the Referre was getting up. Randy gets ready he gets ready for an RKO but Cena jumps in the ring and makes contact with Wade Attitude Adjustment .... Wade didn't win the championship but he Won the match by disqualification!

John Cena isnt FIRED.. and Randy Orton is still the Champ

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