Thursday, March 24, 2011

John Cena Says He’ll Do Anything To Wrestle The Rock

John Cena Says He’ll Do Anything To Wrestle The Rock!

During an interview with Associated Press sports writer Dan Gelston, RAW superstar John Cena talked about how badly he wants to wrestle The Rock and what his return to WWE means to the overall WWE product.

When asked about when we’ll see him get a shot at The Rock, Cena said, “I have been willing to do anything for that match. I will do anything for that match. If I have to talk more trash about The Rock, I’m your guy.”

Cena also praised the impact The Rock’s recent return has had on the company.

“I can’t tell you how much it plugs our product back in,” he said. “It’s like getting hooked up to defibrillators. It’s the one little jump-start we needed.”

Cena put over WrestleMania, saying “WWE will always be the greatest show you’ll ever see.”

Source: sescoops

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