Monday, March 21, 2011


3/21/2011 in PITTSBURGH
John Cena interviewed via satellite
Having suffered a ferocious attack the week prior at the hands of WWE Champion The Miz, John Cena told the WWE Universe, via satellite, that he had opted to stay home to recover. When asked if he still underestimates his WrestleMania opponent, The Cenation Commander-in-Chief insisted he did not, and that his focus is squarely on Miz and not on the appearance of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on next week's Raw

While WWE Champion The Miz was busy rewriting history, John Cena told the WWE Universe, he would be busy making it. He did not disappoint.

After The Miz was introduced by his new “Vice President of Corporate Communications,” Alex Riley, he went to great lengths to boast about his title reign. So self-absorbed became The Cleveland Screamer, in fact, that he unveiled a new WWE Championship with the title’s “W” permanently affixed in an upside down “M” position.

As Miz basked in his own self-grandeur, Cena chimed in on the TitanTron. He informed the man who had attacked him for weeks in a row that he’d been watching, he just hadn’t said where. Although The Cleveland Screamer was under the impression The Cenation Commander-in-Chief was at home, he was actually in the arena – and zeroing in fast.

The Awesome One and his lackey were confronted headlong by Cena, and the three crashed into the ring.

At one point, Riley helped free his boss, who quickly bolted from the ring. As the WWE Champion looked back, his “VP of Corporate Communications” suffered an especially merciless thumping from The Cenation Commander-in-Chief

Source: WWE.COM

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  1. That was amazing to see cena kick the hell out of the Miz!!!!!! woo woo

  2. I thought that was amazing to see John Cena come out and take Miz and Alex Riley, i never see The Miz more scared. Hustle, Loyalty, Respect!!!...