Tuesday, April 12, 2011

VIDEO: John Cena - WWE Tough Enough

John Cena Stopped by WWE Tough Enough:

John Cena-WWE Tough Enough: "John Cena talks about his role as a guest on Tough Enough."

*Click the highlighted part to watch the Video*

-That video was behind the scenes of WWE Tough Enough

Source: USA Network

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  1. dear.john cena i am on team cenation and i hope that team cenation win and beat the rock ooh and i saw you on tough enough you were great ooh and can you send me your purple cenation t-shirt with the cap and wristband i live in louisiana dubach my address is 130 drake r.d. from jaquan anderson.

  2. this is for all the john cena fans whose only argument that he doesnt suck is that he has the won the belt so many times...you do realize that wwe, along with all other professional wrestling circuits, is scripted. they write this stuff out like a tv show. john cena knows hes gunna win the belt like a month before he actually wins it. it has nothing to do with honesty, loyalty, or respect...it just means he kisses vince mcmahons ass the most...and yes vince in still in charge, HHH being the coo is also STORYLINE