Thursday, April 14, 2011

WWEshop: John Cena Persevere Authentic T-Shirt is OUT OF STOCK

WWEshop is Claiming all "John Cena Persevere T-shirts" are out of Stock On
The Mens, Womans and Youth T-shirts are sold out.
(there are Larger sizes still available which may cost more money)

The RED is a Hit to CeNation and the WWE Universe.

Dont Worry they are RESTOCKING soon. So you better BUY your Persevere Authentic T-shirt when they Re-Stock.

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  1. dear. john cena i am your favorit fan i am still trying to get your red cenation t-shirt you are my favorit wrestler and i am on team cenation and no that team cenation is going to win from your number one fan and i am in the cenation club from jaquan anderson.

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