Monday, April 11, 2011

WWE wants to know if you are Team CeNation

This is for all FACEBOOK USERS!

Are you Team CeNation? If so "Like" this FaceBook page for John Cena:

Please tell all other CeNation Fans if they got a FaceBook to "Like" it.

WWE is is asking all CeNation to "Like" the Team CeNation FaceBook for WrestleMania 28 of - CENA vs ROCK -

They do have Team Bring It FaceBook page for the Rock as well:

But as you know we all about JOHN CENA and CeNation on TheJohnCenaBlog

so hurry up choose which side your on for WM28!
The Rock Or John Cena

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1 comment:

  1. dear. john cena i am on the cenation team and i no that the cenation team is going to win from jaquan anderson.