Monday, May 23, 2011

CeNation stands up to The Miz

Cenation stands up to The Miz

SEATTLE – At WWE Over the Limit, The Miz took brutality to new levels as he tried to make WWE Champion John Cena say the two words that have never been in his vocabulary: “I quit.”

Amidst the carnage unleashed by himself and his associate, Alex Riley, The Awesome One tested the loyalty of the Cenation members in attendance, namely 12-year-old Steven Janssen, who witnessed the intense “I Quit” Match for the WWE Championship from ringside at Seattle’s KeyArena.

In a exclusive interview, Janssen talks about standing up to The Miz, his reaction to The Awesome One’s underhanded tactics and why he never lost faith in his hero’s hustle, loyalty and respect. What did you think when Miz asked you if John Cena should say “I quit?”

STEVEN JANSSEN: I didn’t know what else to say but “no.” Was there anything Miz and Alex Riley could have done to John Cena that would have made you want John Cena to say “I quit?”

JANSSEN: No, because I knew no matter what, John would pull through. What did you think when The Miz and Alex Riley used the recording of John Cena saying “I quit?”

JANSSEN: I was mad because it sounded fake ,and I knew it couldn’t be true. I knew John would never quit. What was your reaction when John Cena made The Miz say “I quit”?

JANSSEN: I was jumping up and down and screaming, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” I knew John would win.

Source: WWE

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  1. dear.john cena you won the match you and rey and bret man hart.from jaquan anderson

  2. dear.john cena the miz is a cry baby and sucks eggs and alex rily to but john cena and rey he rock and bret man hart. from jaquan anderson