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in PORTLAND, Ore. – One night after WWE Over the Limit, several Superstars stepped over the line. It was a night that witnessed an “accidental” run down, a shocking beatdown and one of the most bizarre meltdowns in WWE history.

Main event match arranged with Bret Hart as special referee
R-Truth demonstrated once again that the voices in his head have cranked up the volume. Apparently, though, they’re still screaming the same tune. The conspiracy nut continues to blame, well, just about everybody but himself for him not receiving a WWE Title opportunity.

This week, he trained his crosshairs on two of WWE’s most beloved Superstars, WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart and John Cena.

The Excellence of Execution explained that he showed up during last night’s Kiss My Foot Match at WWE Over the Limit to make sure Michael Cole experienced “the agony of de-feet.” Truth rudely interrupted the WWE Hall of Famer to spout off about all the “little Jimmys” in the crowd and refusing to kow-tow to them anymore.

The Superstar then took a left turn into Rage Town when WWE Champion John Cena tried to talk sense into his old friend. When Truth finally finished spitting about how he never liked The Champ, Raw’s anonymous General Manager arranged the night’s main event, a tag team bout pitting Cena & Rey Mysterio against Truth & CM Punk with Hart acting as special guest referee.

WWE Champion John Cena & Rey Mysterio def. CM Punk & R-Truth

WWE Champion John Cena was clearly pained a night after suffering one of the worst pummelings of his career. Fresh off an “I Quit” Match against The Miz at WWE Over the Limit, The Champ was tapped to join Rey Mysterio in a tag team match against CM Punk & R-Truth with Bret Hart acting as special guest referee.

Despite a hard-charging effort by both Truth and his pious partner, Cena refused to let his battered and bruised body lie still. The Champ kicked out of sure pins and fought back with dogged determination. But even Cena’s steel-belted body has its limits. It would be up to WWE’s Littlest Big Man to carry the day for his team – a tall order he would fill with Herculian effort.

Rey capitalized on his elusive build and high-flying frame to hobble both Truth & Punk within seconds of one another. He then nailed Punk with a 619, but Hart wasn’t about to let him have all the fun. The WWE Hall of Famer, fed up with Punk’s in-ring antics, belted The Second City Savior across the jaw and locked him in the Sharpshooter, allowing Rey to pin his shoulders for the victory

source: WWE

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  1. nice victory Captain of Cenation and Master of the '1' (619)...