Sunday, May 22, 2011

WWE Over The Limit Pay-Per-View 2011 (I Quit Match)

WWE Over The Limit Pay-Per-View
(May 22, 2011)

WWE Champion John Cena def. The Miz
(“I Quit” Match)

SEATTLEDon’t make John Cena angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

Forced to rumble with both The Miz and his lackey, Alex Riley, in tonight’s “I Quit” Match, The Champ almost had his WWE Title taken from him when The Awesome One used a cell phone recording of Cena screaming out in submission to trick the official. But when The Miz’s scheme was revealed, an irate Cena unleashed hell, battering his two opponents before locking in a devastating STF to make his rival scream “I quit!”

It was an unforgettable ending to a bout that is quickly becoming John Cena’s trademark match. The Champ quit? It’s not going to happen. He’s never uttered the words in his life and that’s exactly why he chose this brutal stipulation for tonight’s contest. Having beaten powerhouses like Randy Orton, Batista and JBL in this dangerous environment, Cena knew his unbreakable spirit would give him a serious advantage over his spineless rival.

But The Miz is not an opponent to be taken lightly. Cunning and ruthless, he’s willing to do anything to win — something he proved time and time again during his five-month reign as WWE Champion. Not only did he outwit the likes of John Morrison and Jerry Lawler during his run, but he even managed to walk away from his WrestleMania XXVII showdown with Cena with the title still around his waist.

The Miz & Alex Riley brutalize John Cena during the "I Quit" Match.Tonight, The Awesome One knew he’d have to pull out all the stops if he wanted to leave WWE Over the Limit as champion, which is why he immediately took advantage of the fact that there were no disqualifications. Calling on the aid of his VP of Corporate Communications, The Miz turned the bout into a makeshift Handicap Match and brutally double teamed Cena with Alex Riley from the opening bell. Attacking their loathed enemy with everything that wasn’t nailed down, the vile duo abused The Champ, but he would not give up.

When his physicality didn’t get the job done, The Miz borrowed a trick that The Rock used in his 1999 “I Quit” Match against Mankind and played a recording of Cena screaming the only two words that can bring an end to this bout. For a moment, the official was positive that The Champ had submitted and the title was nearly handed to The Cleveland Screamer. It didn’t take long for the sleazy plot to unravel, though, and that’s when Cena snapped.

Still cross about losing his WrestleMania XXVII bout against The Miz due to The Rock’s involvement, The Champ took his long brewing fury out on The Awesome One and his toady in the KeyArena. After sending Riley through the announce table with a huge Attitude Adjustment, Cena chased The Miz up the entrance ramp where he smashed him to the ground before locking in a tight STF that made the slimeball cry out in defeat.

It was an amazing performance that once again made one thing abundantly clear — when John Cena is focused he cannot be beaten. There’s no doubt that The Champ’s WrestleMania XXVIII opponent, The Rock, was somewhere watching this match, realizing this very thing.

Source: WWE

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  1. yes yes . i knew it that cena will be the winner. well done champ. i'm soo happy 4 u.

  2. Cena will be The Champion until wm28, 'cause i kno dat Rock will defeat Cena, because i kno d WWE Scripts! I am in Cenation! But I kno d truth behind WWE!!

  3. here we have terminatore (john)vs wommen (miz) !!

  4. cena is ruthless, he never backs down, never gives up, and never quits! cena has proved that over the years against men like jbl, batista, and randy orton, and now so called awesome, that gagsack called the miz, has been added to the reiceiving end of facing john cena in an i quit match and who knows who is next!

  5. dear.john cena you won the i quit match from the miz and him and alex rily had a fight and you are still the champion and i saw you and rey vs r truth and cm punck and bret man hart was the refree and you won the match you and rey and bret man hart rock. from jaquan anderson

  6. dear.john cena you are so powerful i respect you and the cenation i beat the cenation is happy i no i am and you and rey and bret man hart you three rock and i beleve in all of you and i respect you. from jaquan anderson

  7. dear.john cena i saw the at over the limit on sunday and you really made he mad but the miz is a cry baby and suck eggs. from jaquan anderson

  8. dear.john cena i am ready for you and the rock to fight at wrestlemania 28 i hope you win team cenation still rock and team bring it still suck and team cenation is going to put team bring it in the housepillow and i hope team bring it lose the match. from jaquan anderson