Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy 2 Year Wedding Anniversay to John Cena and His Wife

As of July 11 it marks the Anniversary of John and Liz marriage
Happy 2 Year Anniversay to John Cena and his Wife Liz.
Hope they have a healthy long marriage!

They been together since high school. There each others high school sweethearts. They been together through the thick and the thin the Hard times to the Good times. So Congratulation on the 2 years of marriage.

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  1. happy marriage anniversary champ.

  2. hey cena ur an awsome wrestler and ur my FAVORITE wrestler of all time,besides the ulmate warrior, the rock... I just wish I could meet u in person.. That has been a dream of mine to meet u and to hangout with u as well.. But i know that WILL NEVER EVER EVER happen.. Ur just to busy and have no time for someone like me.. I am a 36 year old female who loves watching u on Raw... I did have almost all of ur t-shirts but i lost them when i moved out of my old house... So if u have any spear time please write me back if u can.. Love ur biggest fan Lou Schneegas

  3. Happy Marriage Anniversary, dear John Cena! :D