Thursday, July 14, 2011

VIDEO: The Rock Responds to John Cena and Cena Also Responds Back

John Cena mentioned The Rock in a Australia. The Rock seen it and responded.


John Cena took to his Twitter once he saw that The Rock has responded to him. This is what Cena had to say back to The Rock through twitter:

"CeNation. Just saw Dwayne's statement. Via satellite of course. Sad, really. It was like an episode of mad money I wonder if GLAAD will be offended by Dwayne's comments. Either way..looks like I have really made him mad. But, certainly not mad enough to show up and do anything. Maybe he can send a stuntman. Dwayne. I am a WWE employee, and a proud one. The difference between us is you left for 'greener pastures'. For me...this is what I love. I have never begged for anyones admiration or acceptance, u don't believe MITB. Its not about that. Its about showing up Id rather wrestle a thousand 'punks' than one 'rock'. Because I can see his passion. Wish I could see yours...yer just never there. :) Until april 1st. Keep on bringing it my man. You're doing great. Your friend John Cena"

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