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in BOSTON – As the WWE Universe races toward WrestleMania XXVIII, The Rock and John Cena continued their war of words, Shawn Michaels revealed himself as guest referee for Triple H vs. The Undertaker, and Santino Morella scored won the U.S. Championship in a historic, jam-packed edition of Raw SuperShow. Also, the power struggle between Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis grew even fiercer, as the WWE Board of Directors’ GM-swap experiment became a reality

The Rock educates John Cena at historic locations throughout Boston
While in Boston for Raw SuperShow, The Rock took to the streets to film "history lessons" tailored to Massachusetts' native son John Cena.

The Rock and John Cena resumed their war of words
One week after his epic confrontation with The Rock on Raw SuperShow, Massachusetts native John Cena entered Boston’s sold-out TD Garden to address last week’s headline-grabbing showdown. Describing The Rock as the “Michael Jordan of the mic,” Cena said that he did the unthinkable by getting the better of The Rock in their verbal exchange and turning tongue-tied the normally unflappable Great One.

Wondering whether the Superstar who shows up April 1 will be the “dude who talks about Chinese takeout” or the greatest Superstar in WWE history, Cena said he hopes The Rock who appears in Miamia is at his best WrestleMania day.
Having heard enough, The Rock entered the arena and dismissed the possibility that Cena had shaken The Great One last week. Rather, The Rock said that he senses fear and doubt in Cena’s words. If Cena loses, the Rock continued, it will negate all off Cena’s many accomplishments in WWE – a point that the Cenation leader conceded.
However, it was Cena eventually scored the last word in this battle, telling The Rock – who by that point had returned to the locker room area – that if he believes Cena’s lost his confidence, then The Rock has lost his mind

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  1. Amigo!Win or lose, it DOES NOT NEGATE everyting you've achieve in WWE. I know-- WE KNOW -YOU WIN!FYI: Dwayne LOST HIS MIND years ago and he shows it the way he treats you, bullies you,speaks to you, the way he disrespects you... I think othe world of you, John. I don't think it negates anything. I've seen you win some and lose some; I know you give your all into your work; I see your passion, dedication, commitment, loyalty to your Cenation (which I'm blessed to be in!) and I don't see that from anybody else. Much love and hugs!!! #Cenation #TeamCena #RiseAboveHate #NeverGiveUp

  2. John, the Rock talks way too much. In fact he is better at running his mouth than "bringing it " you have my support, because I rise above the hate!

  3. Fruity pebbles and all ur retard fans suck

  4. Rock is with the millions