Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rankings for Power 25: March 10, 2012

Rankings for Power 25: March 10, 2012

John Cena drops down a spot on the rank!
Last weeks Rank: #3
This weeks Rank: #4
"The leader of the Cenation was not in action this week, but he certainly made an impression on his WrestleMania opponent, The Rock during Raw SuperShow."


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  1. this is not the reason for dropping his rank. crap

  2. I only watched when John spoke. I could not, would not and will not listen to Dwayne Johnson bully, embarrass, humiliate, aggravate, or disrespect John.... millions more respect I have for JOHN CENA. Dwayne needs to stop turning all attention to himself, leave John alone, and stop returning to wwe once and for all.

    I am a loyal Cena fan; blessed, proud, privileged to be a Cenationer and I wear my Cenation colors proudly and with pride. I look forward once day telling him in person how much I respect him and thankhim for everything he has taught and continues to teach me. Keep up the great work John! #Cenation #RiseAboveHate #WeLoveCena