Monday, November 22, 2010




John Cena addressed the WWE Universe

Hard to believe it’s over. After nine years, John Cena bid the WWE Universe a heartfelt farewell. The Legendary star insisted he has no regrets for calling the WWE Title Match down the middle at Survivor Series, costing him his career. As the audience showered adulation on one of the ring’s greatest, Cena saluted from the stage for the last time. In the locker room area, the Superstar navigated a host of colleagues there to pay their respects, including Randy Orton. And as Cena exited the arena, Wade Barrett taunted him with a You-Can’t-See-Me wave of his hand.

Wade Barrett def. WWE Champion Randy Orton

Wade Barrett couldn’t possibly have thought he’d seen the last of John Cena, could he? Earlier in the evening, the Englishman waved tah-tah to the man he was responsible for having fired from WWE and prepared for his title match against WWE Champion Randy Orton.

Taking out an insurance policy, perhaps, Barrett had The Nexus ambush The Viper as he approached the ring. During their rematch, a battered Orton and the Englishman circled one another cautiously, treading carefully after the attack and the chaos of their match at Survivor Series. During the contest, Cena surprised both men, cutting through the crowd toward the ring. Upon spotting him, Barrett charged the ropes, but his nemesis already had him toppling over with an Attitude Adjustment. This allowed Orton to RKO Barrett and pin him to retain his title – for the moment.

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  1. I AM SHATTERED THAT JOHN CENA GOT FIRED! i hate thatstupid nexus and i want to beat them up but my dadknows he'll get his job back and my dads mostly right so fingers crossed!!