Sunday, November 21, 2010

WWE PPV Survivor Series RESULTS

WWE PPV Survivor Series 2010 RESULTS

John Cena was backstage and R-Truth came up to him and Cena Stop him and told him to stay out of his business! Whatever happens, Happens I'm calling it in the middle. Rather if i'm Fired or NOT. R-Truth said to Cena Anything can happen to Randy... just think about that!

Randy Orton backstage.... saying he Tired of hearing about John Cena he did it to himself! All i'm thinking about is Wade and taking the ChampionShip. Cena knows what i will do to him if i Dont win I dont care about Cena. Its NOT about Cena being Free or Fired its about WADE BARRETT tonihgt a RKO or kick to the skull

John Cena backstage again but Wade tells him he needs to the right thing.. so he can be free from the Nexus forever! But if you do the other thing you will regert it. Tonight whatever happens when the time is right, i know exactly what i'm doing!

WADE VS ORTON Match...... is John Cena Fired or Free from The NEXUS
Cena is the Specially Refree in this match.

Cena hold up the ChampionShip belt. The Match begins Orton is in control. Cena askes Orton to back off Wade before he forcefully he had to pull orton off Wade. Wade takes control puts a big boot towards Orton. its back and forth now. Wade had the cover over orton but orton taps out in 2. Randy Orton is setting up WADE. Wade was hanging from the Top rope. Orton gives Wade a backbreaker. Orton about to strike with a RKO but Wade falls out the ring Orton picks Wade back up in the ring Wade kicks orton in the temple. Wade pushes Cena Cena pushes back then Randy picks up the win.


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