Thursday, November 25, 2010

WWE Worried over Ratings

Wrestling News Source was quoted as saying, "The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE are concerned that RAW ratings will bomb if John Cena is kept off television for a substantial period during his "fired" storyline. To combat this WWE have decided to keep using John Cena but utilize him as Cena's Mexican cousin 'Juan Cena' and make him wrestle under a mask until he is granted a return."

This undoubtedly confirms the notion that the WWE is too reliant on Cena. Fan reaction to Cena's "firing" have been sordid with generic statements like, "Since Cena is gone, I'm not watching RAW until he comes back."

The WWE should probably focus on appealing to a newer demographic, rather than appealing to children, who are considerably biased. Ratings may just as well be bad, even with "Juan Cena" in the picture.

The entire concept of the storyline is just bad, and it is doubtful the WWE will a find a rational way to fix this. Cena's leaving was seemingly a waste of time. That farewell promo he cut was essentially all for nothing and deplorably misleading. The WWE may see even more rapid decline with this storyline.


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  1. Aweehh, I will watch John Cena if he is mexican or not. LOL :)
    That man is my everything, and I wish the WWE wasn't so misleading...