Monday, November 22, 2010

More Details about MVP & Cena recording Together!

His Hip Hop Career & Recording Songs With R-Truth and John Cena:

  • “There is a project that I’m working on. I had a track that was produced by myself and one of my partners. John Cena came by my house. I have a studio in my house. I put a verse on it. He put a verse on it, and it sounded real good.
  • Then I came up with an idea to add R-Truth to it and make it a WWE single with three guys on the roster that perform their own entrance music and can actually rap. The office has been real receptive to it, and it’s something that will eventually get done. It’s a matter of scheduling. I’d say the near future on that one. I finally got my theme song out; so that’s going. I have a bunch of other stuff that I’m working on. It’s just having the schedule to have the time to get into the studio.”

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